Our liquid biopsy technology helps oncologists answer the most urgent question that patients ask:

What is the status
of my cancer?

The cancer journey contains dark periods of doubt and uncertainty. . .

Early detection of cancer has the potential to impact a patient’s experience both before and after treatment begins. Tissue biopsies and imaging are sometimes not enough. Current approaches can leave patients in an information black hole:

Is this cancer? Was the treatment effective? Is it gone?

What if we could shine a light during these times?

Salish Bioscience is committed to advancing liquid biopsies to improve the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones. Our team aims to derive meaningful information from the cfDNA found in patient samples.

The result, we believe, will change the face of cancer care.

Non-invasive, actionable cancer detection will reduce uncertainty and drive effective treatment.

We aspire to provide oncologists with the tools to track the presence of minute traces of tumor DNA in the blood stream, not just shining a light on the status and nature of a patient’s cancer, but potentially aiding the selection of therapies and driving improved outcomes.

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Salish Bioscience Products In Development

Next-Generation Cancer Detection


Precision Medicine Liquid Biopsy Assay

Detects known cancer mutations associated with a drug therapy, enabling clinicians to prescribe therapies that are targeted to a patient’s specific cancer.

Tumor-Informed MRD Liquid Biopsy Assay

Monitors for the presence of circulating tumor DNA in the bloodstream after surgery to guide the need for adjuvant therapy and detect the recurrence of tumor DNA in the bloodstream.